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Wetlands Permit Approval
July 23, 2014 - Current News
The Genesis Group of the Mohawk Valley announced a Section 404 Permit has been issued to Mohawk Valley EDGE by The US Army Corp. of Engineers for the Marcy Nanocenter at SUNYIT site. The coordinated effort by CNSE/SUNYIT, the Governor's office and local officials on this permit clears the one major stumbling block that has hindered development of the site for semiconductor manufacturing.

Approval of the permit will reportedly result in the following new wetlands and stream creation, stream improvements, and also provides multiple stream restoration/enhancement. Locations and projects include:

Marcy Nanocenter Site (SUNY owned lands)

* Creation of 15.4 acres of new wetlands on the Marcy Nanocenter site

* Development of new intermittent streams that are located around the project site to replace the loss of regulated drainage channels that would be disturbed and restoration of existing streams in northwest corner of Marcy Nanocenter site

*Creation of on-site storm water improvements that are part of site development activities.

* Preservation of 22 acres of remaining wetland through a protective covenant

* Preservation of 77 acres of upland area through a protective covenant

Oriskany Flats Wildlife Management Area (NYSDEC owned Lands)

* Creation of 13.1 acres of new wetlands on NYSDEC maintained lands known as the Oriskany Flats Wildlife Management Area

* Enhancements to 58 acres of existing wetlands

* Enhancements to 740 LF of existing streams and mprovements to 14.5 acres of uplands/grasslands management areas

Stream Mitigation Projects (Municipal Partnerships with Oneida County Soil and Water Conservation District)

* Mohawk River (Town of Western): Bank stabilization improvements along the Mohawk River.

* Oriskany Creek (Town of Kirkland): Stream enhancement improvements along Oriskany Creek which will include bank stabilization and other stream restoration improvements

* Sauquoit Creek (Paris Dam, Town of Paris): Removal and disposal of breached dam, bank stabilization and other stream enhancements to parts of Sauquoit Creek.

Mohawk Valley EDGE has filed an application with the town of Marcy Planning Board to secure final site plan approval.


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